5 Reasons Why You Should Eat Fish Once a Week

​Eating fish is scientifically proven to provide an individual with a number of both physical and psychological health benefits. However, many people are under the assumption that fish is something that should be consumed only once or twice in a month.
It is important to realize that fish is considered to be a brain food as it contains a good amount of omega-3 which is known to help improve brain function and an individual’s overall well-being. However, the body cannot produce omega-3 itself yet still requires it to improve bodily functions.

With fish being the wonder brain food, people should try to incorporate fish into their meals at least once a week. Now for those of you that do not like fish, don’t worry, you do not have to eat it on a regular basis. Just once or twice a week is sufficient to reap the rewards of eating fish.

1. Low Fat Content :

The great thing about fish is that it is has a low-fat content. This means that those people who are on a diet or are watching what they eat don’t have to anymore with fish. Fish not only has a low-fat content but also provides enough energy to leave a person full all day.

2. Lower Cholesterol and an Improved Heart :

No matter how much you skin a chicken and de-bone it to reduce the cholesterol content, the cholesterol content will always be lower in a slice of fish. Fish, such as salmon, are really low in cholesterol compared to red meat and chicken.
If a person eats fish at least once a week, they are not only decreasing the amount of red meat (which contains high cholesterol) consumed, but also are promoting a healthier and stronger heart thanks to our little sea friends.

3. High Protein Content:

It is important to understand that fish, like any other meat, contains high protein content. Protein is essentially the building blocks of life as they help promote muscle growth, repair and development. Eating fish at least once a week ensures that you are getting an ample supply of protein without the added cholesterol content.

4. Source of Minerals and Vitamins :

Eating fish ensures that people get the correct balance of vitamins and mineral their body needs to function without having to resort to consuming other types of foods to fulfill their body’s requirements.

5. Reduced Inflammation and Joint Pain :

Fish, because of its richness in omega-3, helps to reduce and alleviate some types of pain in the human body. Eating fish on a weekly basis will ensure that you don’t end up suffering from sleepless nights because of various joint aches.


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