Why am i always tired? 11 signs that your body needs rest from excessive workout

Why am i always tired? It is no secret that in our efforts to reach a high level and to improve our performance, we need to work hard. A repeated, intensive workout may exhaust the body or weaken it to such an extent that resting might not lead to rehabilitation.
It would be good to know the signs, which show me that my body is tired and that I am exhausted, so as to avoid making matters worse.
Symptoms can be physical, psychological, and emotional, and they can last for weeks, maybe months.

Why am i always tired? 11 signs that your body needs rest from excessive workout :

1. Fatigue

Excessive fatigue that persists even after recovery periods may limit the workouts and become noted even during the resting period. By burdening the non-balanced body with more workouts, you decrease the possibilities of rehabilitation and you worsen the situation.
2. Lack of enthusiasm for the sport

If the workout is an important and integral part of your lives, but suddenly you lose your interest, then you might have pushed yourselves too much, both physically and mentally and therefore you need a little rest.

3. Depression

Many people are unaware of the fact that excessive workout may lead to depression. People going too far, have a tendency to see the exercise as a challenge, conquest, or sometimes suffer from “body-image issues” and they are convinced that “the more we exercise, the better we look!”. Depression can also be accompanied by bad mood and irritation.

4. Insomnia

The nervous system could not remain unaffected, let alone if the time of your workout increases, while at the same time it is difficult for you to sleep.

5. Increased potential for disease

A continuously weary body can affect the immune system, reduce the immunity of the body and thereby improve the chances of a disease.

6. Increased injury incidences

If the body does not have enough time to recover, it becomes weaker and the possibility of an injury increase.

7. Unquenchable thirst

Excessive need for water, as well as the feeling that you never manage to quench your thirst coincides with increased activity, and it is a good sign to understand that your body has been subjected to excessive workout.

8. Persistent muscle aches

It is normal to have muscle aches for one or two days after a workout. However, if the pain persists, be sure to schedule a break. This type of extensive muscle pain is a sign that your muscles have not yet begun to recover and has an adverse effect on your efforts for muscle development. Do not forget to listen to what your body tells you!

9. Lack of progress

It occurs when doing too much workout because the only thing we accomplish is to “burn” the muscles, more than they have already “burnt”.

10. Weight loss (anorexia)

The excessive workout can also adversely affect various hormones. As a result, the function of the endocrine system is disrupted and our appetite is reduced significantly.

11. Increase or decrease the heart rate

The excessive effort to respond to a challenging workout can disrupt the heart beats, not only during the workout but also when the body rests.

It is important for an athlete to recognize, to understand and to correct the factors that lead to excessive workout in order to avoid repeating the same mistakes. It would be a good thing in those cases, to carry out alternative forms of exercise so as to avoid getting the syndrome of withdrawal which is the reason for inactivity.


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