Best Exercises to Keep Your Body Healthy and Fit 

After a short disturbed sleep, waking up in the morning and exercising the body may seem a little out of the world. With so many diseases making their way to people, being a little conscious of what you eat and how you maintain your body is definitely going to make you healthy. Everyone needs to stay fit! Whether you are overweight or underweight it doesn’t matter. Exercise is a must for anyone and everyone. Even the leanest person on earth can have a lot of cholesterol in the body. Just 10 to 20 minutes every day can save you from a lot of deadly life threatening diseases. That’s all the amount of time you need to allocate to move your muscles and get you heart to beat.

A 30 to 45 minute workout every day is recommended for at least 5 days a week. But the 10 minute workout with calorie burning techniques can burn calories while making you stronger. For this workout regime you need a pair of dumbbells. Any weight from 1kg to 3 kgs, which ever you are comfortable with, will do the job.

Cardiovascular Workouts

To get your heart pumping you need to have a cardiovascular exercise in the morning. The cardiovascular exercises will get your heart pumping, balances blood flow and also improves your air intake. Jogging, cycling, brisk walking or aerobics can be the starting point. In case you can’t go outside for a warm up you can do the same at home. Spot jogging is a good exercise for the body. You can even choose to dance to your most favourite songs.

Your warm up can just be for a minute, if you can’t spare enough time. March in place with your knees raising high for 30 seconds. You can then go into a slight spot jog to make your body warm. You will then be ready for a good workout.

Jump Squats

Begin with Jump squats, for which you would not require your dumbbells. Squat down and push yourself up by jumping. You need to land back on your feet and lower into a squat again. Repeat the same process for 30 seconds. To have a good balance you can hold your fists tight in front of you.

Pile Squats

Stand with your feet in V position shoulder width apart. Lower your bottom towards the floor like a regular squat. Explode up into a jump as you stretch yourself. Repeat the same exercise for another 30 seconds.

Bicep Curl and Stair climb

Using stairs is always recommended and it can keep you healthy and active. The stair climb will tone your legs and the bicep curl with strengthen your arms. You need to have a flight of stairs in front of you. Hold the dumbbells in your hand and climb the stairs. You need to perform bicep curls along with the climbing. Repeat climbing the stairs and bicep curls for 30 seconds. You will feel the burn in your legs and arms.

Hip extension

This exercise will stretch your hips and improves you balance, along with strengthening your shoulders, legs, upper, mid and lower back. Stand straight while holding dumbbells in both your hands. Extend your right leg towards the back and place your toe on the floor. Lean to the front with your hips and lift your right leg behind you. Bring your chest towards the floor and stretch your arms out as you make a T with your shoulders. Make sure to keep your neck and head straight. Come back to the starting position and repeat the same 10 times for each leg. The whole exercise should take you 1 minute to complete.

The Plank

For this exercise you will not need the dumbbells. Lie on the floor facedown, place your elbows on the floor and lift yourself up with their support. Your body should be straight from your head to your ankles, pull the abdominal muscles inside as tightly as you can. You need to hold this position for a minute.


You should do this move only for 3 seconds. Lie flat on your back. You can place a rolled up towel under your lower back for support. Stretch out your arms, above your head and tighten your abdominal muscles. Then lift up your legs and arms together and try to touch them above your body. Lower them and repeat. To make this exercise a little easier, you can place your legs straight above your body and touch them with your hands. This will increase the flexibility in the core area.

Push-up and Side Plank

Do a regular pushup with hands placed wider than the shoulders and your legs straightened behind you. Pull in your abdominal muscles and keep your body in a straight line as you continue the pushups. As you complete each push up, bring your body to the side and do a side plank.

Lunges With Chest Flies

Holding a dumbbell in each hand put your right leg forward. Bend the knee of the right leg and drop your left leg down until the knee almost touches the ground. The right leg knee should not go past the foot. As you go into the lunge stretch your arms to the sides. Come back into the standing position and press your hands to the front for the chest fly. Continue the lunge and chest flies for one minute, using alternate legs.

Lunges with Triceps Kickback

After you complete the first set of lunges, move onto this exercise. Stand straight with the dumbbells in your hands. Place your right leg behind you and bend your knee almost toward the floor. Bend the left knee in front of you; place your elbows close to your body with bent arms.  Straighten your arms behind you as you leave the lunge position, for a triceps kickback. Come back to the starting position and repeat the same exercise for each leg. Do this for a minute.

Lunges and Back Row

This exercise will enhance your posture and strengthen the muscles in your arms, shoulders, legs, upper and mid back while also toning them. It also improves your hip flexibility. Holding the dumbbells come into the lunges position. Lower your chest to your thighs and stretch out the arms facing downwards. Keep your back straight and avoid hunching. While straightening your front leg, move your elbows backward and squeeze in the shoulder blade. Your torso should be slightly forward. Repeat the same 10 times with each leg.

Pushups with Hips Extensions

This exercise strengthens the shoulder and core muscles. This exercise will help to shrink and tone your arms. Do a regular push up with your hands and knees (not feet). Lift up the right leg to the back and stretch it out as much as you can. Pull your belly button in as you perform this move. After tightening the core muscles, lower your chest to the ground till both the elbows comes to a 90 degree angle. Push yourself up and come back to your starting position. Repeat the same exercise 10 times for each leg.

After this short exercise routine, you can cool down the body to make it ready for a long day at work. Place your legs shoulder width apart and bend your waist to touch the ground. Touch the ground between your legs with your hands. Hold this position for 7 to 10 seconds. Bring your chest towards the right knee and hold for 8 seconds. Move your chest from the right knee to the left and hold for 8 seconds. Your body will start to cool down after this stretch.

Your body needs this exercise for sure. By concentrating on every part of the body, you will reap great results in just a few days. Enjoy this refreshing exercise immediately after you wake up. Your skin and body will start to feel energetic and glowing.


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