Bad habits that destroy your health

​In our daily life, eight bad habits can affect our health. Do you have these bad habits? 

1. Lack of water

A lack of water in your body can cause the aging of brain and cerebrovascular disease and affect the normal metabolism of kidney . Because of various factors, many people can not drink water in time. If the content of water in your body is decreased, the density of blood can be increased to cause thrombus and induce cerebrovascular disease. Therefore, in order to prevent the diseases and protect the kidney, you must frequently drink water.

2. Using fruits to take the place of dinner

Many people like to eat fruits instead of main food for dinner. It is true that fruits can provide abundant vitamins and sugar for the body. However, fruits can not provide protein and some trace elements for you. A lack of protein in the body can seriously cause the nutritional imbalance which can further induce various diseases. Therefore, you can not use fruits to take the place of formal dinner.

3. Smoking after dinner

Some people like to smoke after having dinner. However, if people smoke immediately after they have dinner, the toxic substances contained in cigarettes can easily enter into the human body. This is because the gastric and intestinal peristalsis and blood circulation have been accelerated at this time and the absorptive power of the body can also be improved. In order to keep your body healthy, you should stop smoking cigarettes in your daily life.

4. Drinking liquor excessively

Drinking liquor excessively can induce the inflammation of liver and affect the reproductive system. In order to prevent unnecessary harms, you should learn how to drink liquor. The varieties of liquor are rather diverse. Generally speaking, the nutritional value of wine is rather higher than that of beer and white spirit. Therefore, you should use wine to replace beer and white spirit. At the same time, you should grasp the best time of drinking. Generally speaking, you can drink wine after 2 p.m. in the afternoon. In addition, the intake amount of wine must be strictly controlled.

5. Drinking coffee excessively 

Drinking coffee excessively can seriously affect your health. First, it can reduce the chances of getting pregnant. According to the research, a cup of coffee each day can decrease the rate of getting pregnant by 50%. Second, it can induce the heart disease. The caffeine contained in coffee can affect the normal functions of the heart and increase the cholesterol in the blood vessels. Third, it can decrease the work efficiency. In order to protect your heart, you should not always drink coffee.

6. Having a substantial supper

Supper has already become the most important dinner for the office workers. However, it is unhealthy to have a substantial supper. Generally speaking, the supper should be composed of fresh vegetables and the foods containing carbohydrates. You should decrease the intake of protein and fat in the evening. What’s more, you should have supper as early as possible so as to decrease the risks of getting lithangiuria. In addition, you can not eat too much in the evening.

7. Refusing to have breakfast

If you do not have breakfast, your stomach can be seriously hurt and the premature aging can be caused. According to the research in Germany, people who have breakfast regularly can easily get a long life. You should pay attention to the quality of breakfast.

8. Having dinner rapidly

If you always eat foods rapidly, the burdens of intestines and stomach can be seriously increased and obesity will be caused. This is because the foods can not be thoroughly chewed to affect the digestion. When you have dinner, you should chew the foods carefully and slowly.


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