How to make stupid ?

A group of scientists put five monkeys in a cage and in the center of the cage they put a ladder and on the top of the ladder there are some bananas

Each time a monkey tries to take bananas, scientists sprayed the rest of the monkeys with cold water .

After a short period of time each monkey tries to take the bananas, the rest prevented him and beat him because of being afraid from the cold water 

After a period of time no monkey dare to climb the ladder to take the bananas despite all the temptations for fear of beatings

Then the scientists decided that they alter one of the five monkeys and put it by a new monkey

The first thing the new monkey did was that he tried to climb up the ladder to take bananas

But immediately the four remaining monkeys beated him and forced him to get off ..

After several beatings the new monkey understand that he should not go up , knowing that it don’t know what the reason

The scientists also swap one old monkey and replace it with a new one

So the new one tried to climb the ladder but the other monkeys started hitting it and he don’t know why the hits

Thus even it have been switched all five monkeys with new monkeys
Until it became in the cage five monkeys not sprayed on them cold water 

However beating any monkey tempted to climb the ladder without knowing what the reason
If we assume .. We asked the monkeys why they are beating the monkey who climbs ladder?

Sure, the answer would be: we do not know but we found our fathers and grandfathers doing that , 

All in all , this is what we apply in our daily lives

We stay as we are afraid of change , knowing that we know that it’s wrong !!!


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